6 Ways to Deal With Encroaching Wickedness

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I have mentioned before that I have spent the last several weeks reading Thomas Boston and today I am in a sermon from 2 Kings 2:14 where he is expounding on the lack of piety and the growth of sinfulness in his day in Scotland (ca. 1713). Towards the end Boston gives six helpful examples of ways the individual Christian can work to help erase this attack by the Lord’s help. I will list them with some commentary.

1) Stir Yourselves Up to Repent and Reform. (Rev. 3:2)

This is key. Much like Daniel in Babylon the Christian must begin with his own sin and need for personal growth in holiness before he can call upon his brethren to likewise move forward in sanctification. This is the heart of Jesus’ admonition in Matthew 7. It is the height of hypocrisy to demand others to bend away from their lusts if…

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Rollock on the Scripture

We have no need simply of any other light, or of any one special evidence to demonstrate this matter, but that very light which is in Scripture. For the Scripture (being the first and immediate word of God) is of authority sufficient in itself (autopistos), and so likewise of itself most clear and evident…For like as the light of the sun is not perceived nor to be seen by means of any other light, for that it so far exceeds all other bodily and external light, so, that spiritual light of the Scripture hath no need in itself of any other light…for of all the spiritual lights that enlighten the mind withal, it is the most bright and most beautiful in the world.

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Was Eric Liddell a Legalist?

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Chariots of Fire is undoubtedly one of my favorite movies. It tells the story of two runners who competed in the 19liddell-chariots-daughter24 Paris Olympics. One of those runners was a man by the name of Eric Liddell, a man dubbed the “Flying Scotsman” because of his nationality and astounding speed. But in addition to being a superlative runner and all around athlete, Eric Liddell was a man of deep Christian convictions. The son of missionaries, born in China, Eric’s vision was always to return to the mission field to do the essential work of spreading the gospel. But Eric also felt that God had given him a great gift in his athletic abilities and he was determined to put these gifts to good use. To that end he trained hard for the Olympics in the event in which he had already set a record in Britain –…

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A reason for optimism about the future state of the Church

The winds of cultural change have amassed to a very hostile wind that seems to blow against the Church of Jesus Christ. She may very well shrink in numbers and in wealth over the coming decades, as the social cost of being a Christian rises, and there may come a point when she is taxed on donations and offerings. But make no mistake, there is plenty of reason for optimism. The trend of individual sexual self-determination, an anything goes “ethic” where people define themselves as their sinful flesh leads them to, will hurt a lot of people. They will be shackled to the ball and chain of their own lusts until they long for the liberty that is in Christ. Then we will be there to show them a better way. The sexual ethic of Christianity, which is now a justification for the world’s ire against us, will be the oasis of truth and light that beckons weary and wounded sinners from afar, showing that humans do indeed have value and dignity, and are not meant to be mere slaves to perverse sexual pleasures. The hypocrites and nominal Christians will be long gone by then, and new wheat will spring up to take their places, and then some.  Then, as in the Roman Empire of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th centuries A. D., many souls will be won to Christ because of and not in spite of the 7th commandment standard and the undefiled institution of holy matrimony. Like a dip in stock price that allows an investor to buy more shares more cheaply before the price rises again, this seeming ebb in the influence of the Church of Christ will turn into a tremendous gain of new converts to Christ not so very far down the road, as souls created by God are made new by the Holy Spirit, through the preaching of the law and gospel, showing them that they do not have to be slaves to sin any longer, and offering them the glorious liberty of the children of God.

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How to Tell if You are on your Way to Heaven

First, then, whosoever thou art that wouldest try this title to thy heavenly glory, thou mayest try it by this: if the

from Wikipedia

from Wikipedia

design of thy life be to glorify God, and promote their heavenly interest, then thou art one of those that are entitled to the heavenly inheritance; if thou drivest a trade for heaven, and if that the obtaining of heaven be the principal part of thy care and business, and the great design that thou drivest at in all thy actions, then by this thou mayest try thy title to heaven.  Apply now this home to thy soul, what trade and design art thou now driving in the world? Is it thy main business here to promote thy temporal or thine eternal state? Art thou more striving more after earth or heaven?  If thy design here be after riches, honor, or greatness in the world; and makest all thy actions subservient to thy design, then though art none of those that have a title to heaven.  But if it be the business of thy life, and the trade that thou drivest in the world to advance God’s glory, and thine eternal salvation, and dost care for no more of this world, than may tend to promote God’s glory, and thine eternal happiness; then thou mayest safely conclude that thy name is written in heaven, and that thou hast an interest in that kingdom.  It is the grand mistake of thousands of souls everywhere, that they pretend to seek after the kingdom of heaven, but they seek it only by the by, and their main design in the world is somewhat  else, as to grow rich, or great, or honourable here.  They do not make it their principal business, and their great design to secure their title to heaven; but they look upon heaven only as a reserve for them, when they can enjoy the world no longer.  And therefore they will have some glances, and some faint endeavors that way; but if ever we will enter into heaven, we must first of all seek God’s kingdom and his righteousness, Matthew 6:33. Luke 12:31.

John Gaspine, from a sermon preached at Ashpriors, Somerset, before the great ejection in 1662, Farewell Sermons, Solid Ground Christian Books, 2011.

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New Covenant URC of Twin Falls, ID: No home yet, but at home in God’s providence

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Perrine BridgeThe city of Twin Falls perches beside the Snake River Canyon in southern Idaho. North of the city, the Perrine Bridge spans the expanse, nearly 500 feet above the river. The bridge is popular with BASE jumpers and may be the only manmade structure in the US where such jumping is legal year-round without a permit.

What is BASE jumping? Parachuting from a Building, Antenna, Span, or Earth (cliff or mountain).

In a way this type of jumping, leaping from a life-threatening height and trusting completely in one’s parachute, demonstrates the total trust in God exercised by members of New Covenant United Reformed Church in Twin Falls, Idaho. New Covenant is one of the smaller and more isolated congregations within URCNA. It is also unusually diverse.

“The church is very different from the churches I grew up in, which were basically Dutch Reformed,” Rev. Christopher Folkerts…

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In December 1993 Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen debated atheist lawyer Mr. Edward “Eddie” Tabash.  As far as I know this video is not available elsewhere on the internet (although there are poor audio recordings on You Tube).

I will be posting the entire debate in segments on my blog.  If you wish to purchase the full-length version, please contact Covenant Media Foundation.


In this episode Dr. Bahnsen makes his opening statement. Here are highlights:

  • The atheists live inconsistent lives
  • Atheists will presuppose human dignity by attending a friend’s funeral then later affirm that human life is no different than an animal
  • Atheists are primitive in their thinking
  • Atheists do not have a workable worldview
  • Evolutionists have an irrational worldview that life spontaneously erupted
  • Atheists are unable to answer the tough questions of philosophy
  • Atheists work hard to hide their intellectual poverty from themselves and others



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Protected: The Inward Teaching of the Holy Spirit

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These things have I written unto you concerning them that seduce you.  But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him. 1 John 2:26-27

False teachers abound. There are cults today, just like there were in John’s day, teaching Me-ology instead of The-ology. They pretend that man is not truly in need of a Savior, that he just needs a little help from a friend named “Jesus.” You can be a better you, with a little help from your sky buddy, they seem to say. Whether they deny the Savior by denying his person, as ancient heretics did, or by denying the sufficiency of the salvation he wrought…

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Protected: Matthew Poole (1624-1679): An English Protestant’s answer to a Popish Priest’s accusation of schism



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The English Nonconformist theologian Matthew Poole (1624-1679), most commonly known for his 5-vol Synopsis Criticorum (a biblical commentary in which he incorporates the views of 150 biblical critics from an array of theological traditions) and for his English Annotations upon the Holy Bible, published a book in 1667 called A Dialogue between a Popish Priest and an English Protestant, which was intended for a popular audience, unlike his more scholarly defence of Protestantism titled The Nullity of the Romish Faith, which was published the year before. In this Dialogue, Poole has the English Protestant and the Popish priest discuss various key points and arguments for their respective positions. One of these is the Popish priest’s accusation that the Protestant is guilty of schism. This is from p. 41-45 of the 1843 reprint:

Popish Priest: It is sufficient against you, that your church is schismatical…

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Calvin’s Definition of the Sacraments

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CalvlibwebI think that this definition will be proper and simple, if we say that a sacrament is an exterior sign by which God seals in our consciences the promises of his good will toward us, to strengthen the weakness of our faith, and by which, on our part, we testify as much before him and the angels as before men, that we take him for our God.

One may define what a sacrament is even more briefly, in saying that it’s a witness of the grace of God towards us, confirmed by an external sign, with a mutual expression of the honor with which we esteem him.

Jean Calvin, L’Institution Chrétienne, IV.XIV.1

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