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Echoes of Ananias and Sapphira in North Wales

In north Wales, in 1748, God was saving many souls through the ministry of the Methodists.  A baron named Sir Watkin became a terrible persecutor.  He was levying fines on the poor who heard the Methodist preachers and threatened to evict them off the land, and he owned most of the land in the region.  “A number of poor people had gathered in a prayer meeting, and one of those praying obtained such a hold on God as he pleaded with him to halt the persecution that he was assured on rising from his knees that his requests had been heard in heaven.  He gave out a hymn of his own composition to sing, noting his feelings:

Queen Esther now is near

To entering the King’s chamber

A pardon to her he’ll extend,

Sir Watkin’s evil works will end.

It is at that moment, so it is said, when this verse was being sung in the prayer meeting, that the baron met his end at Wynnestay Park.”  While riding his horse, ”the rider was thrown onto his head on the ground, and died on the spot.”

*Jones & Morgan, The Calvinistic Methodist Fathers of Wales, vol I, pp. 519, 520

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