Protected: The Creator Who Became One of Us to Recreate Us

Reformed Fellowship of Bellevue

“Molinos La Mancha” from wikimedia commons

In the third century an insidious heresy infected the the still young Church of Jesus Christ. A presbyter from Alexandria, Egypt named Arius taught a new doctrine about Christ that seemed to make sense to the human mind, in an attempt to make the Lord Jesus more palatable to non-believers. He taught that Jesus the Son of God was the first creation of God the Father, not eternally with the Father. Frequently the motive of evangelism becomes the seed that produces false teaching in the Church, which is all the more reason for us to zealously guard the faith that we have been delivered. Because of the controversy that this teaching, known as “Arianism” produced in the Roman Empire, Emperor Constantine called a council of bishops representing all of the Christian Churches to a city called Nicaea in the year 312 A. D. Notable…

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