‘Brother, Brew Your Own Beer At Home’



[Siencyn Thomas] said on one occasion to an elder in the monthly meeting, ‘I understand that the drink you supply is not as tasty as it once was.  What do you think is the cause? There was an old woman who used to live in Ystradfellte parish in a little cottage on the side of the road that had a lot of traffic travelling to the nearby lime-kilns.  She used to brew at home and had a good name for her beer.  If anyone excelled, they would be described as being as good as Aunt Bessie’s drink.  The young men, on the road to fetch lime, would often call for a draught, and having visited once, would almost invariably call again, so good was its taste.  But after a while, the woman thought it would be much less work for herself to buy in her beer by the barrel.  The young men came as before but having drunk would make a face, and on looking into the glass would say, “Auntie, this isn’t your beer.  I won’t come here again.”  The old lady soon realized her mistake.’ He then turned to the elder saying, “Brother, brew your own beer at home.  Don’t give to your brothers and sisters anything that you have not experienced as a blessing to your own soul.  Once you start dealing in foreign drink it won’t be long before your friends start leaving.’

Jones and Morgan, The Calvinistic Methodist Fathers of Wales, The Banner of Truth Trust, vol II.,  181.

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