4 Things Black Pastors Should Never Do In Non-Black Congregations

Scotty Williams reflects on his experience of the gospel tearing down boundaries in the Church of Jesus Christ.

Gordon Fee–“Homogeneous churches have got to be the worst thing that has ever happened. It isn’t until you get a good dose of heterogenaity and find out that you have to love people that are unlike you, do things differently, eat different food, and experience grace and glory in the process. Then salvation has taken place! God has done His thing then!“

Ramblings of a Creole Pastor

Black Preacher 2

(In my last post I presented 5 things one should never say to Black pastors, but in this post I will present 4 things Black pastors should never do in non-Black congregations. Like the previous post, this post has nothing to do with a particular situation in the congregation I currently serve.)

As a Black-Louisiana Creole who grew up in the Black Church, I was suprised to learn that my first parish would not be in a Black denomination or my beloved rural Louisiana. Instead my first parish would be an urban congregation in a historically White denomination with partial Scandinavian roots (specifically Swedish) in the great state of Minnesota.

Now upon hearing of my new parish, some of my Black collegues working in Black congregations shook their heads with pity. Afteral I was the unlucky guy who drew the “White straw” from the Church bundle, and apart from clapping…

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3 thoughts on “4 Things Black Pastors Should Never Do In Non-Black Congregations

  1. Thanks for reposting and liking the blog, but I am not Rev. Carter (LOL!). Nevertheless Rev. Carter has been a great role model for me in pastoral ministry, and it was his book and reflections that helped me as I worked in my first parish.

    Blessings to your, your family, and your ministry,

  2. Oh, sorry, brother! What’s your name?

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