Deputized with the Titus 2:1 Award

Titus 2:1 says, “But as for you, teach what accords with sound doctrine.”


Jeremy de Haan, the man behind Sixteen Seasons, has deputized this parson with the Titus 2:1 Award.  Thank you kindly, pilgrim.  In order to celebrate, and until we can get together for a good old shindig or hoedown, he has asked me to answer the following questions:

1. If you could have dinner with any historical Christian figure, who would it be and why?

The good Doctor, Martin Luther.  That guy just was just a character.  His personality punches your spiritual nose and/or makes you chuckle on every page of his writings.  I’d be assured it wouldn’t be stuffy, or boring.  The conversation would surely be amusing and colloquial, yet profoundly theological.

2. What one burning question would you ask?

What is one thing you would have done differently, and why?

3. Where and what would you eat?

At the Black Bear in Wittenberg, of course!  It was his favorite hangout.  We’d eat something hearty like pigs feet, ox tail, or Blutwurst (blood sausage) while downing several pints of brown ale.  (Pils was not yet invented in Luther’s day.)

4. What was the last Bible verse you read?

Psalm 121:4 – “Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.”

Now it’s time for me to pass the award on to another blogger.  I reckon I’d like to keep the international exchange going, and show some support for our Reformed brothers in South Africa.  One blog offers a steady stream of doctrine and church history.  This guys drinks it up like an Indian pony at a trough in front of the saloon after a 100 mile trek at full gallop.  My award goes to Jake Griesel at Theologia est doctrina Deo vivendi per Christum.

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