William Edward’s Preaching vs. That of The Dissenters

[William Edward of Rhyd-y-gele] was full of fire and passion, was very gifted, and possessed the ability to address sinners, but was naturally awkward and uncultivated in his manner.  He was a Methodist, he had been converted under Howell Harris, but had mixed much amongst the Dissenters and when attending their special services sat with their ministers.  They considered him too fiery and irregular.  He thought them lifeless and unevangelical.  He explained to them once the difference between his way of preaching and theirs, using the illustration of a house on fire:


“Your way is to say, ‘On travelling one night, firstly, I perceived a fire.  Secondly I saw smoke.  Thirdly, I understood that a house was on fire.  Fourthly, I knew that the family inside were asleep.  Fifthly, I came to wake you and to call you, in case you were destroyed.’  My own method, on seeing the house aflame and the family asleep, is to shout out, with no firstly or secondly, ‘Hey!  Hey!  Fire!  Fire!  Awake!  Come out at once or  you will be burnt to ashes!'”

Jones & Morgan, The Calvinistic Methodist Fathers of Wales, (The Banner of Truth Trust), vol. I, p. 346.

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