Many families, …

Many families, considered to be of the gentry of the area, were also won to the ranks of the Methodists. Squire Jones, of Fonmon Castle, was convicted when listening to Howell Harris preaching at Aberthaw. Mr. Jones had gone there together with some other gentry, a drawn sword in his hand, with the intention of frustrating the meeting. The speaker was not in any way intimidated by him, he rather asked the people to divide and make a way for the party and he himself turned to English so that they could understand. The squire’s horse got stuck in the mud so that it could not move, and the rider was forced unwillingly to listen to God’s Word. But an arrow shot home. He removed his hat, to show respect, he opened his heart to receive the gospel; and he returned to his castle with the preacher by his side. He raised a pulpit in his house for the benefit of the speakers, and his mansion immediately became a home for the Reformers on their journeys. Preaching took place there regularly throughout the Squire’s life and for years afterward. This is where Whitefield stayed when in the vicinity.

Jones & Morgan, The Calvinistic Methodist Fathers of Wales, vol. I p. 130

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2 thoughts on “Many families, …

  1. alcoramdeo

    A lovely testimony to God’s grace.
    Thank you, Brother.

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