The Aseity of God: God is God All by Himself

An important topic that answers some questions raised to me by a Buddhist in a recent conversation.

Jemar Tisby

The old folks used to say, “God is God all by Himself.”  In theological language these saints are describing God’s aseity.

I don’t generally like to use theological jargon outside of the classroom, but the word “aseity” got me excited.  I first heard of the term while studying systematic theology in seminary.  Immediately I latched onto the word because it finally gave me a name for one of the first principles of God.  His independence.

Aseity Means God’s Independence

Herman Bavinck in his Reformed Dogmatics, Volume 2describes God’s aseity this way.

“The first thing Scripture teaches us concerning God is that he has a free, independent existence and life of his own that is distinct from all creatures.”

Genesis 1:1 says, “In the beginning, God…”  These initial words of Scripture contain the concept of aseity.  The Bible gives no explanation for where God came from.  It simply assumes His existence…

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