A Dialogue Between a Christian and a Postmodernist

Christian guy:  God has created all people, and they will be punished eternally for their sins in hell if they do not repent of their sin and believe in Jesus.  For example: x, y, and z behaviors are defined as sin by God.

Postmodern guy:  You’re such an intolerant bigot.  Why don’t you just worry about your own lifestyle?  Your telling people they are going to hell has to be worse than doing x, y, and z.

Christian guy:  You don’t sound very tolerant of me.

Postmodern guy:  What?  I don’t have to tolerate intolerant bigots like yourself!

Christian guy:  So you’re saying that tolerance is not always a good thing?

Postmodern guy:  Um, er…

Christian guy:  I agree.  When God says that he hates something, it is not good to tolerate it.  In fact, it is evil to tolerate what is evil.  “The fear of the LORD is to hate evil.”  Proverbs 3:15

Postmodern guy:  You’re such an intolerant bigot!

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2 thoughts on “A Dialogue Between a Christian and a Postmodernist

  1. Tafacory

    This is a poor caricature of a supposedly real discussion between a Christian and Post-modernist. The conversation is normally not this subdued nor is the Christian as respectful and logical as you paint him to be. If you’d like, I’d be willing to rewrite this dialogue with you for a blog post. If not, don’t peddle this smut and consider it to be truthful in any sense of the word. Cheers.

  2. Dear Sir, thanks for chiming in. I can only go from personal experience, and many conversations that I, as a Christian, have had with postmodernists (and most people in America today are probably postmodernists in their thinking to some degree) have gone something like that. If you have different experiences, by all means you may reflect them on your blog, which I see that you have. I always try to be respectful and logical when talking with people who do not believe what I do. May the Triune God richly bless and save you.

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